Treetop Properties

Information for Parents

Treetop Properties (“TTP”) is proud to offer “Housing for Serious Students.” The several years as an undergraduate student should be rewarding and memorable, in every aspect. At Treetop Properties we believe that a healthy environment is crucial to enhancing the educational experience and that high quality living conditions can help provide the best settings to maximize the enjoyment during this memorable time.

Top Quality Rentals – Comfortable, Safe, Convenient

All of our homes are newly renovated, fully furnished with new furniture and appliances, and are updated before we rent to students. We strive to improve the quality of our rentals year-after-year and treat the yards, green-space and exteriors with the same regard as the interior of the homes.

Special Attention in all Aspects – Detailed Management and Service

To reflect our pride in our properties, each home has been given a name with a plaque clearly located on the front so that people are able to identify the property as one belonging to TTP. Below are several other services and aspects that TTP is proud to offer:

  • Complementary monthly cleaning service;
  • Online maintenance request function and online payment option;
  • Exterior lights and landscaping;
  • New door locks for each contract year;
  • Fire extinguisher on main floor;
  • All relevant inspections and permits obtained;
  • Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors (one per room, batteries checked semi-annually);
  • Treetop User Manual (description of all appliances, and overview of the house in which the student is renting).

Management and Support – Onsite and On-Call

The management of Treetop Properties understands the demands of campus life and is very familiar with both faculty and staff of the campus in which each house in located. Should problems arise, we are available within hours. We are very hands-on with the students, and welcome and encourage your involvement as parents. We would be more than happy to talk with you at your convenience, and we look forward to welcoming you and your student to Treetop Properties!

Property Map

All of our property locations.
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